Student Loan Benefits Made Easy

Join hundreds of partners that offer Savi technology to help student loan borrowers easily lower their payments and find forgiveness.

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Comprehensive Benefits

  • Public Service Loan Forgiveness
  • Income Driven Repayment
  • Secure 2.0 Matching
  • Employer Contribution
  • Teacher Loan Forgiveness
  • SAVE Repayment Plan
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How Savi Helps Borrowers

Savi checks for savings and automates enrollment in benefits like Secure 2.0 as well as state & federal programs. Borrowers save time, money and headaches.

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1. Calculate Repayment & Forgiveness

Easily sync your loans to automatically determine eligibility for employer benefits (like retirement matching) and loan forgiveness options.

Reduce your payments by $187 on average.

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2. Easy Enrollment

Users review their customized options from 150+ public and private forgiveness and repayment plans.

Let Savi do the heavy lifting.

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3. Save Year Over Year

We continue to help with any annual re-enrollment requirements and monitor for new applicable benefits.

Watch the savings add up.

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Find a Path to Student Loan Freedom

Savi identifies the best loan repayment & forgiveness programs based on each user's unique financial picture and goals.

Your Loan Without Savi

  • $0Loan Forgiven
  • $453Monthly Payment
  • $68,750Total Payment

Your Loan With Savi

  • $38,980Loan Forgiven
  • $266Monthly Payment
  • $29,830Total Payment

Savi is the Trusted Provider For

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Service Workers

"Making an impact where it matters most."

What Our


I call it my second mortgage... hundreds of thousands of dollars of student debt. Given my background in marketing and tech, I was super impressed with the user experience and ease of use.


The program helps employees achieve meaningful savings both in their monthly budgets and in the overall cost of their college debt. An employee told us she was struggling to pay her rent but now she has that burden lifted. It’s really life changing!


I taught for 30 years. I'm financially not in great shape. I just kept pushing the loans off but you can't keep pushing them off, they're federal loans. It was all overwhelming at first, but Savi showed me it's not scary. I now know what my payments are going to be and lowered them to my realm of reality.

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Bring Savi to Your Team

Savi works with hundreds of Fortune 500 employers, membership groups, financial institutions and nonprofit organizations. Bring Savi to your community by introducing us to your HR leader.