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Savi works with hundreds of employers, membership groups, and financial institutions. Our student loan benefit is available through API and SSO -- and also incorporates new capabilities such as Secure 2.0 retirement matching.


API Solutions

Savi makes it easy for partners to integrate our student loan tools directly into your platform. Your customers will be able to access a range of student loan calculators and data points within the same experience, look and feel that they trust.

White Label Experience

White Label Experience

Provide student loan insights and actions within your own platform

Identify Monthly Savings

Identify Monthly Savings

Provide users a snapshot of savings eligibility upfront

Determine Forgiveness Eligibility

Determine Forgiveness Eligibility

Quickly vet opportunities for numerous forgiveness programs

Enable Robust Reporting

Enable Robust Reporting

Track impact and savings in real time

Provide a Comprehensive Student Loan Benefit

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What's Included

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Customized Microsite

Create your own student loan portal with a unique URL and custom branding

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Partner Dashboard

Track program impact, run individualized reports, and contact 1:1 support all in one page.

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Integrated Tool

Utilize the Savi API and SSO within the partner experience.

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Educational Resources

Access financial literacy and student loan education resources to promote broad financial health

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HR Automation

Automate the rollout of Savi and employer paperwork like Public Service Loan Forgiveness

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Student Loan Contribution

Support retirement matching benefits through new Secure 2.0 Act capabilities with custom employer and recordkeeper integrations.

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Did you know?

25% of Americans work in jobs that are eligible for Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF).

$200 billion of federal loans in the next 10 years are projected to be forgivable.

89 percent of employees would use long-term financial planning tools or advice.

59 percent of millennials in the workforce say paying off their student loans takes a higher priority than saving for retirement.

53 percent of recent graduates entering the workforce say they would accept a reduced salary in exchange for a student loan repayment benefit.

What Our


The Savi tool is the key student debt benefit that we offer our millions of educators and public service employees. We hear from members coast to coast that Savi's innovative and affordable solution has saved them money and headaches on their student loans. We love Savi’s mission and their passion for helping our members.


The program helps employees achieve meaningful savings both in their monthly budgets and in the overall cost of their college debt. An employee told us she was struggling to pay her rent but now she has that burden lifted. It’s really life changing!


The tool is user-friendly, the data is impressive, and it has exceeded our expectations in every way. Most importantly, our employees are telling us the program is easy to navigate, that it is helping them reduce their monthly loan payments, and it ensures they are getting approved for the federal Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program.


The University of Pittsburgh continually seeks benefits and services that can deliver high value at little or no cost. One of the best examples of this is the offering of the federal student loan forgiveness program through Savi. Within the first two months of the program, participants have found tens of thousands of dollars in immediate savings and long term forgiveness.

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