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Savi strongly believes in helping all borrowers access federal repayment and forgiveness options. As a result, we have launched the Community Support Program to help targeted communities disproportionately impacted by their student loans. This program allows Savi to give free access to a range of premium services including 1-1 support and automated paperwork to at-risk borrowers through key anchor partners. For this program, Savi is initially providing support to non-profit community partners that serve:

• Student loan borrowers of color
• High-risk or distressed student loan borrowers
• Lower-income borrowers

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Program Partners

Wisconsin Department of
Financial Institutions

Partner Impact

“Wisconsin's Governor's Council on Financial Literacy and Capability works to improve the financial literacy, capability, and financial inclusion of Wisconsin's residents. Using the tools created by Savi is instrumental in fulfilling this mission by helping borrowers navigate the complexities of federal student loan repayment plans, forgiveness programs, and lowering student loan payments. Using Savi's tool may help borrowers reduce their monthly payments and optimize their repayment plans which is especially impactful for those that are financially vulnerable.”

Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions

“Student debt crisis works with over 2 million supporters across the country. Our supporters have a real and urgent need for help enrolling in federal student loan repayment programs. After considering other technology solutions, it was clear to us that in Savi we found a true partner. Not only because the people behind the company are true advocates at heart but also because they have developed an exciting and innovative solution. Savi's social impact mission makes them a unique partner that is easily trusted by our supporters who often face industry abuses. By working together in solidarity with student loan borrowers, we can help those that need help the most.”